Student Life

At CIIHE, we cultivate an enriching student experience that perfectly balances academic rigor with a vibrant spectrum of extracurricular and leisure activities. Our campus is alive with dynamic events, hosted by a variety of clubs and societies, designed to complement your educational journey with rich, hands-on experiences that bolster employability through internships and work placements. We ensure a holistic approach to student life, covering all bases to foster a fulfilling and comprehensive college experience.

Clubs & Activities

College life at CIIHE is about more than just academics; it’s about embracing a journey of personal and communal discovery. Dive into a diverse array of clubs and activities that offer endless opportunities to connect, create, and lead. Whether it’s through vibrant cultural celebrations, innovative projects, or expressive artistic endeavors, our student council and various societies are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity, fosters mutual respect, and nurtures a sense of belonging within our lively campus community.

Study and work at CIIHE

Internships & Placements

At CIIHE, our vision extends to molding graduates who are not only academically proficient but are also primed for global employment landscapes. The future demands professionals who are adaptable, culturally competent, and technologically savvy, with strong interpersonal and leadership skills. To bridge this gap, we provide extensive internship and placement opportunities, both within and beyond our campus, through strategic collaborations with our industry partners. These initiatives are carefully designed to equip our students with the real-world experience and skills needed to thrive in diverse, multidisciplinary teams and lead with innovation and integrity in their future careers.