Welcome to March/April 2024 Intake

Welcome to the March / April Intake of CIIHE. We have a range of exciting courses lined up for you including Transfer Program and In-Country Programs for School Leavers and Postgraduate & Professional courses for who are already employed. Talk to one of our expert Admissions Managers to select the best program for you. 


Find out how you could become a Medical Doctor Licenced to Practice in US, Canada, UK, Australia and around the world for half the standard cost of a foreign medical degree. 

CIIHE Pre Medicine

Australia Transfer Program

Start your Foundation After O/L or Degree 1st Year After A/L and transfer to Top Australian Universities to complete your degree. 20% Scholarships for selected subjects and many more benefits.

International Transfer Foundation

Sri Lanka’s Only Foundation that allows you to transfer to 15+ Countries and over 50+ different degrees in all academic areas. Start right after O/L and transfer within one year to start your degree.

CIIHE nursing

International Foundation in Nursing

Become an internationally qualified nurse to work and live in US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Complete your Foundation in Sri Lanka after O/L and start your nursing degree abroad.

MSc for Nurses in New Zealand

Excellent opportunity for Registered Nurses to study, work and live in New Zealand with their families. Complete 6 months in Sri Lanka and transfer to WelTec in New Zealand.

Business / Hospitality Foundation

Start your Foundation after O/L or 1st Year after A/L in a range of different degrees in Business or Hospitality and transfer to Australia, Ireland or UK or complete the degree in Sri Lanka