CIIHE Building Colombo

Welcome to the Colombo International Institute of Higher Education (CIIHE), Sri Lanka’s premier private campus, where ambition meets opportunity in the heart of Colombo. Nestled in the vibrant Colombo 04, our expansive 35,000 square feet city campus stands as a beacon of academic excellence and innovative learning in the capital.

At CIIHE, we believe in creating an environment that transcends traditional learning paradigms. Our campus is a testament to this belief, equipped with state-of-the-art teaching facilities, world-class learning resources, and spaces designed to inspire and nurture the mind.

Here, education is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about creating an experience that shapes futures. Our academic offerings are diverse and globally recognised, developed in collaboration with esteemed international universities and professional bodies. This ensures that our students are equipped with qualifications that are respected worldwide and relevant to the ever-evolving job market.

The backbone of CIIHE is our distinguished faculty, comprising leading academics and seasoned professionals from across the globe. Their expertise and commitment to excellence pave the way for our students to achieve unparalleled success in their respective fields.CIIHE Building

CIIHE is proud to be a recognised entity under the Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission of Sri Lanka, offering a wide array of programmes through our four faculties and various specialised schools.

Governed by a dedicated senior management team and supported by a comprehensive committee structure, we ensure excellence in every facet of our institution from academics and administration to ethics and student engagement.

Our commitment to corporate integrity, social responsibility, and ethical practices is unwavering. We strive to create a campus culture that celebrates diversity, fosters mutual respect, and promotes a positive and inclusive student experience. At CIIHE, we don’t just prepare students for the professional world; we prepare them to make a meaningful impact on society.

Join us at CIIHE, where your educational journey is more than a path to a degree – it’s a journey to becoming a part of something bigger.


To redefine educational excellence globally, fostering a society rich in knowledge and innovation.


To nurture ethically-driven leaders through cutting-edge research, innovative learning, and real-world skills, dedicated to serving both nation and humanity.