CIIHE Foundation Diploma (IFD) is a Level 3 pre-degree academic qualification which comprises of academic work worth 120 UK credits. This qualification takes 12 months to complete and is only available on a full time basis. IFD is equal to A/L in terms of functioning as an entry qualification for undergraduate degree programmes.
CIIHE offers a unique foundation programme that contains a wide variety of choices for the students. Along with the three core modules, the students are able to select one elective module.
These qualifications are designed in line with Ofqual and RQF structure and quality standards, the regulatory bodies of British Higher education. Upon the completion of an IFP, a student is eligible to enroll for the first year of a corresponding Bachelor’s degree in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Course Information

Duration 1 Year  
Delivery on Site     
Ofqual Level Level 3     
RQF Credits 120 Credits
Modules 04

Teaching Institue

CIIHE School of Business

Awarding Body


Written Examinations 

Core Modules Credits
Mathematics 30
Academic Writing 30
Business Essentials 30
Elective Modules Credits
Life Sciences 30
Social Sciences 30
IT for undergraduates 30
Fundamentals of Hospitality 30
Physical Sciences 30
Art & Design 30
Performing Arts 30